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It’s Time

to go… I’m still as passionate as ever about fresh milk and Jersey cows, but I find myself living my best life outdoors - without plenty...

American Guinea Hogs

I interrupt this Jersey cow blog to post a post card about our LATEST addition (s) to the Homestead!

The Daily Moos Vol. 1 Issue 1

I get passionate about fresh milk, and created a news page with the information I care most about. Feel free to read it, and share with...

For Love of Jersey Cows

Short story. (Disclaimer: there may be other good milk cow breeds out there. But a Jersey is what I got first and she stole my heart.) An...

Natural Fly Control

Summer’s nearly over and the flies this year have been tremendous! Our ducks do their best with pest control, but there seems to be...

Milk to Food

You'll never go wrong just drinking your fresh milk. But there's something so amazing about homemade fresh milk product. ...Isn't...

It's a Heifer

She's here! Isla arrived on a cold, muddy, snowy noon the last day of 2020. Her birth story... Ana, being a dairy mama, had her baby in...

On the Making of Kefir

Raw fresh (with cream) a2/a2 Kefir waiting to be processed Ah, kefir. I love you. Why I love kefir: 1. Probiotics abound. Kefir is one...

Bucket Milker Clean-Up

The Joy of (& Steps to) Using a Bucket Milker #2 Ok, so we're finally finishing the Steps to Using a Bucket Milker Post! It's gotta be...

Butter Making - the Good Old Fashioned Way

Mellow and salty, these are the flavors of homemade butter. Here is how: YOU'LL NEED : Cream (preferably unpasteurized) Note: Very fresh...

Bottling Your Milk

From Milk Pail to Fridge (and beyond) I'll give you a short and sweet little necessary post on bottling. First off, the milk jars. I...

Feeding Your Cow

I feel like this is rather a boring topic to write about, although my cow would probably disagree. But I want all the information here...

Buying Our First Cow

I remember the first time I saw a Jersey. I saw her at a farm show. I thought she was too beautiful to be real. Such lovely eyes! I'd...

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