A2A2 Raw Milk


Milk to Food

You'll never go wrong just drinking your fresh milk. But there's something so amazing about homemade fresh milk product. ...Isn't...

It's a Heifer

She's here! Isla arrived on a cold, muddy, snowy noon the last day of 2020. Her birth story... Ana, being a dairy mama, had her baby in...

On the Making of Kefir

Raw fresh (with cream) a2/a2 Kefir waiting to be processed Ah, kefir. I love you. Why I love kefir: 1. Probiotics abound. Kefir is one...

Bucket Milker Clean-Up

The Joy of (& Steps to) Using a Bucket Milker #2 Ok, so we're finally finishing the Steps to Using a Bucket Milker Post! It's gotta be...

Butter Making - the Good Old Fashioned Way

Mellow and salty, these are the flavors of homemade butter. Here is how: YOU'LL NEED : Cream (preferably unpasteurized) Note: Very fresh...

Bottling Your Milk

From Milk Pail to Fridge (and beyond) I'll give you a short and sweet little necessary post on bottling. First off, the milk jars. I...

Feeding Your Cow

I feel like this is rather a boring topic to write about, although my cow would probably disagree. But I want all the information here...

Buying Our First Cow

I remember the first time I saw a Jersey. I saw her at a farm show. I thought she was too beautiful to be real. Such lovely eyes! I'd...

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