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Hi! {New Here}

Updated: Jan 5

This is a documentation for me... follow along if you want to see my mistakes, and maybe learn a little along the way.

We have a little family, and this little homestead we've begun here in central Nebraska. Our latest addition to our place is

1 Jersey, Iona. She's officially nicknamed 'Ana' (ah-na). she joined

4 Cayuga ducks (1 drake, 3 hens),

2 Brittanys (bird-dogs),

1 Boxer (pet & protector), and

1 kitten (for the boys & the mice)

I own the only milk cow in 30 square miles. Neither I nor my hubby grew up on a dairy, or until lately, had even visited one. Mostly, everyone thinks we are slightly crazy, including us. So in every sense, we are new here.

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