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Natural Fly Control

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Summer’s nearly over and the flies this year have been tremendous! Our ducks do their best with pest control, but there seems to be plenty of flies left for everyone to enjoy! ( or NOT )

For fly control, I do several things. Nothing natural seems to be all inclusive and perfect in eradicating every fly. Were I willing to use pesticides, fly maintenance would be much less work, and more complete. I just don’t feel comfortable using pesticides in my barn or on my cow…we drink that milk, after all!

Following are some ideas for natural fly control…

Boughten disposable fly traps are great products.

Or something similar…

I like to have two in the stalls. Fly strips can be hung up, also.

Livestock curtains over the doors are helpful in brushing off the flies as the cows walk in; and keep the stalls significantly cooler in the hot summer months.

This particular one can be purchased here:

Ducks or chickens in the barnyard do wonders. They love to eat the little buzzing pests!

I have tried garlic powder in the feed. This is to deter flies as they don’t like to smell the garlic in the cow’s breath or on the skin. Our cow’s milk started tasting off, though, after she had been having her daily garlic rations for a while.

However…this is a great cost-effective option for fly maintenance if you aren’t currently milking your cow.

In the milk room… the flies are attracted to the windows. (We really do try to close the doors after ourselves… not sure where alllll those flies appear from?) So in here I like to put sticky traps on the windows.

And we keep a good old fashioned fly swatter handy. What better way to keep those bored kids amused during summer vacay???

There are things I want to try…indoor fly traps for one…

If you have tried these, I’d love to hear a review!

Last but far from the LEAST is

HOMEMADE NATURAL FLY SPRAY. THIS RECIPE REALLY DOES WORK. Mix it up in a glass jar, and keep it close by for refilling a reusable spray bottle.

Above are my two favorite places for purchasing the essential oils.

NOTE: I never use apple cider vinegar instead of regular vinegar, as it seems to attract, rather than repel, flies. Another thing, your cow may like the taste of ACV, and lick it off, which defeats the purpose of fly spray; as it needs to be on the outside, not the inside, of the cow to be effective.


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